Presentations & Demos

A collection of Product Pitches, Stakeholder Presentations & Research Presentations

Stakeholders Presentation - Equity Multiple

Stakeholders Presentation- Quantime

Presenting our 4 weeks work to multiple stakeholders, and providing the value of implementing the UX concepts that was gathered in research

Educating stakeholders in our introductory meeting of the expectations they might have for us, as well as explaining the UX process.

Stakeholders Presentation- New York Cares

Evaluating usability issues within the existing website, as well as presenting our redesign for their responsive web and solutions based on data.

Product Pitch-New Feature on an Existing Product

Pitching in a Commute Notification push notification on Google Calendar to notify the user about any changes in their daily commute

Product Pitch- B2C Web- Application, Turn up

Research Presentation- Turn up

Connecting local consumers interested in supporting local agriculture with small-scale farms to allow accessibility of local produce without sacrificing the convenience of grocery delivery

Communicating our research and usability testing to our client, and showcasing how we moved forward based on data.




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