E-Z Market

Role: UX/UI Design
Duration : 4 Weeks
Type: Mobile Design

E-ZMarket is a mobile application used to improve the grocery shopping experience. It provides in-store navigation thus, removes the hassle of wasting time searching for an item between aisles. It also checks whether the item is in stock, or out of stock with live inventory updates. It's main goal is to make the grocery shopping experience efficient

Grocery shoppers feel lost and overwhelmed whenever they are looking for a grocery item. How can we make this searching experience easier? 

Goal 1

Give the aisle name and the location of an item in a given store.

Goal 3

Reduce time by making the grocery shopping experience efficient and smooth.


Goal 2

Map the location of the grocery shopper and how can they get to the item.

Goal 4

Provide a sense of direction to the grocery shopper.

I conducted user research on my I researched my target users from ages

20-45. I created a research plan and conducted user interviews accordingly to get more insights to prove the hypothesis is correct. 



Assume that an item is out of stock when they can't find the item themselves 


Find it time consuming to search for an item between aisles


Will try to find an Item themselves and won't ask store associates.

I interviewed four users varying from ages 22 to 40 to get an idea of their pain points during their grocery shopping experience.

" It's frustrating to know that all the recipes could be in one store, but I have to make a trip to another store because I can't find it."

" I hate when I go to a store like Costco and, I find them out of stock of a big brand I am looking for." 

" I can use all that time I am searching for an item to cook or actually go find it in another store" 

"It's so frustrating when you have less than 10 items, and I have to stand in a long 20 minutes line just to pay."

User Story

Sabrin is a 32-year-old graduate student living in New York. She usually devotes her Sundays for cooking new recipes, as cooking is her hobby. She likes recreating recipes from tasty. Often time, she needs to run to her nearest grocery store to find some missing items for her recipes. 

" I expect that I will get my missing items in 10 minutes, but it takes around 40 minutes as I waste my time searching for it."

After gathering information and insights, It was time to design for the problem. 


I first did some free-hand sketches until I was able to create a storyboard explaining how will it solve my user' s problem with



After usability testing on mid-fidelity, I have reiterated my findings in high-fidelity.

Next Steps:

1- Conduct usability testing on high-fidelity and iterate findings into design.

2- Create a functional prototype to test it out with grocery shoppers. 




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